The most important  innovation of our company it is the “Ready Chemio Project” (R.C.P),  a patented, innovative and integrated compounding system for the  accurate, safe and efficient preparation of chemotherapy drugs.

Our system incorporates a  barcode scanning and a software that allows interface with the hospital network,tracks all materials used step-wise during the preparation process and retain data for future reference.




Why “ready chemio”:

Antineoplastic agents has to be prepared with an approved dosage for being administrated to the patient inside the laboratory of the Oncology department where specialized technicians work day by day. The R.C.P  system can be expanded up to 4 modules per cabinet computer and virtually no limitations on number of systems for the server which can be configured appropriately;  i.e. 2 cabinets with R.C.P modules can be managed by the single server



Technology and concepts

The preparation of the compounds:

it happens in small reserved areas,
it is potentially dangerous for the technician,
it is repetitive and tiring,
it represents an expensive cost for the hospital,
it is integrated with the streaming of clinical information.



Technology and concepts

R.C.P is composed of compounder Modules which are compatible with the existing equipment of the Hospital Pharmacy.
R.C.P Modules can be positioned in parallel inside an existing clean-air ventilated hood and allow the preparation of multiple therapies at the same time.
R.C.P System is guided and controlled by a hood computer and a server with an easy graphics user interface.



Technology and concepts

Every step in the preparation is traced with bar-code reading to eliminate any faulty step as to provide the highest safety and accuracy.
The System' server can receive the prescription directly on-line from the Hospital network or prescription software (if existing) or build up an own database (manual insertion of preparation forms)



Project goals

... automate the manufacturing process for:
- To lead the operator to a correct predetermined operating sequence,
- To reduce manual intervention and fatigue,
- To preserve the operator from accidental contact,

... through a mechanic, modular, fast and adaptable system as the hand of the operator.



Main features


Network & traceability

R.C.P Software allows an interface with the hospital’s network and prescription software. Tracks all materials used step-wise during the preparation process and retains the data for future reference




High precision in the dosage of the therapies. R.C.P Module measures the exact quantity of drug as prescribed, through a volumetric system including a bubble detector to compensate for an equal dose of drug. A weight quality control reading on the final preparation




Reduces the manipulation of the Pharmacy technician minimising the exposure to antineoplastic agents. The disposable kits are equipped with fast and dry connections for the drug’s vial, the diluent pouch and the patient container



Reduced liability

R.C.P System monitors and tracks every step in the preparation through a bar-code reader to eliminate risks of manipulation errors and reducing waste



Efficiency & savings

R.C.P System optimises the Pharmacy resources and reduces waste of drugs and medical disposable devices associated with the preparation




R.C.P System being modular, the Pharmacy can tailor the configuration of number of ISIMIX Module Compounders according to their annual preparation requirements.



Plug & Go

R.C.P System is easy to install and fits most of the existing Pharmacy clean-air hoods/cabinets thanks to its vertical design, compactness and light weight



R.C.P Module Compounder accepts drugs in liquid or powder and fills plastic pouches, bottles, elastomeric pumps and syringes.



Software design

Simplify diagram of “state machine” inside R.C.P Modules

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